Why Become a Web Developer in 2017


Why become a web developer in 2017? Well there’s so many reasons not only is a fun Job, easy to find and apply for jobs, also one of the highest paying jobs in …



  1. hey can you tell me how can i become one? now i want to start ASAP so i need to learn everything as fast as i can.. so where can i learn it from? steps i need to follow? I'd really appreciate it..

  2. I've been looking for a career to get into and I heard some good things about this and you've been giving me some great info. I'm 27, no degree or actual experience but I always had a knack for technology. I sick of working dead end jobs and need a change. You inspire me because I feel like we come from similar backgrounds( I'm black and went to shitty public schools that didn't teach me shit about the real world) and it's a relief to see that not every single minority is pressed on becoming the next top goon. Keep it up. I'm gonna dig deeper into this and try my luck. I subbed, too! Thanks for the info!! Much love from North Carolina!!

  3. wait… you can still earn 65.000$ if you are outside u.s
    i meam can you work for a company but be in different location/continent like working online? really? is this thing possible?

  4. I love your channel cause you are so fucking positive. It's the opposite of Chris Hawkes and why I'm not a huge fan of his content. Maybe that's just me though.

    You guys seem to differ though on the need for degrees. Why does there seem not to be a lot of consensus across the board when it comes to whether a degree is necessary or not. It's almost like it seems 50% are saying you have to have a degree while the other 50% saying it's not a requirement.

  5. money money money!
    do it because you like it if not you are going to waste your time, don't let this videos fill your head with the idea that you are going to make a shit ton of money right of the bat, you will eventually but only if you push your self hard enough to achieve what you want, what ever it is just remember that doing something you like is more rewarding in the end, when you do something you enjoy you tent to want to learn more and more versus if you don't like it you become content with what you get i.e. your 100k! lol

    good luck to all

  6. @CodingPhase, Just wanted to give you a shoutout and thanks for your videos, they're a real motivator. I've been studying html/css and javascript for about 6 months now and was a little unsure of myself, but I had watched your video about 5 projects and have completed about 3 of the suggested ones, I applied at this company and they had me code up a web project, needless to say, I got an interview this week.

  7. I wanted to get into finance, but I live so close to San Francisco I think tech would be smart. I'm 34 yrs old and only has two to three years left to invest in a career (I feel). help me with what is important, how low does it take, and what do they look for. thank you for posting this.

  8. my man… this is a godsend… been lost for the past 34 years not knowing what to do… started watching a few html css YouTube videos, the control and power and unlimited creativity given to me with just a few short tags is a feeling I can not get over… And the bonus of being able to support a family is the cherry on top. thank you for the motovation… keep it papa..
    new front end dev in the making here!

  9. Thank you for sharing your advice regarding a reason why one would like to become a Web Developer. At best I appreciate your honesty regarding the need to become the Master of one programming language at a time. This approach is definitely better than hoping around. Like the lease we sign for an apartment, we should devote time to "master" a language as you stated so well.

  10. bro , your videos are off the chain. I am self teaching all this stuff. I am a firefighter – paramedic. looking to learn how to be a web developer. I am using treehouse and youtube. glad I found your videos. do u do any mentoring?

  11. That's some nice presentation of slides man. I'm learning HTML and CSS and bootstrap now. I also want to setup my own server using flask and python. But that's my goal for later on. Do you recommend me to use WordPress so that I can start creating content for my blog?

  12. Love this channel, what's a good IT job that is easy to work remotely from? Web Developer sounds more like my style than just pure coder or pure programmer because I'm talented in art and scored high in the visual/spacial sections of my IQ test and scored just average in math/analytical sections.

  13. hey im in Canada and i actually just quit mechanical engineering and i am now thinking of perusing in web developer and design. i know there is an 3 year advanced diploma in colleges but i have seen somewhere that there are also certificates you can do instead. Whats your opinion on that?