Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mice


Are wireless gaming mice finally on par with their wired counterparts? Ed investigates… Ting link: http://linus.ting.com Buy Bequiet! Silent Wings 3 fans on …



  1. Loved the video, didn't regretted buying the g900, was a bit skeptical or worried at first, but the idea of the wire constantly getting in the way of doing a flickshot triggers me.

  2. I got the LogiTech Hyperfurion G402 and the inconvenience with a wired is real it's so annoying to drag the wire as the G402 got a thicker wire and the G402 plus a mouse bungee that fits the cable costs the same prize as a wireless gaming mouse so yea. wireless = better experience

  3. Love Linus tech tips. But I'm sorry, of all the videos I have see from you guys, I cannot recommend this guy. To hard to understand, unappealing to watch and just not LTT. Love you guys too much, STICK WITH WHAT WORKS!

  4. Some people are good looking on camera but have horrible voices. Some people have really good voices but are not friendly on the eyes. This is why people who aren't easy on the eyes but have good voices become voice actors.

    I'm sorry to say this Ed, you have neither a good voice nor are you easy on the eyes. I"m not sure what your tech talent is, but I think whatever it is, it should remain off camera and not heard. It is what it is.

  5. i fell for the wireless trap myself. i use a wireless keyboard and mouse at the office and i actually really like being able to move my mouse/keyboard around and still have it be functional (leaning back in my chair with a homemade lap table is so much more comfortable at work) so i figured why not use wireless at home for gaming too? well that didnt last long. for one, i found that long key presses had some latency and the mouse would sometimes get jumpy (im assuming from interference but i didnt keep it long enough to find out) and not to mention theres nothing more frustrating than starting up a match and finding out your batteries are low right in the middle of gameplay. i went back to wired for both and never looked back.

  6. Ok, I got a few things to say about this video:
    1. Ed, Don't let the dislikes and troll f*ckers who hate this vid. Keep showing up til they realize they're all just edgelords and practice all the stuff you need to practice.

    2. Wireless GAMING mouse, seriously will give you trouble if you plan to play for prolonged hours which is typically a normal duration for gamers, be it pros or casuals, and if that mouse dies on you while you're about to clash in a MOBA or get that sweet 360 no scope, good luck to you buddy.