XMIT Hall effect gaming keyboard review (Ace Pad Tech Hall effect)


Skip to 16:47 for a typing demonstration. Buy it here: https://acepads.en.alibaba.com/productgrouplist-801916463/Mechanical_Keyboard.html Follow me on …



  1. Thank you for this nice coverage of this keyboard. Because as it turned out, my old mechanical keyboard died just recently and i would have probably bought a "normal" cherry mx red keyboard again if i didn't know of this one here.

  2. Interesting keyboard. Great video. But I think you probably should clip your nails. No offence, it just looks better in close-up shots. And having neat short nails is better in terms of hygiene.

  3. Would hall effect keyboards theoretically be cheaper? Magnets are getting more inexpensive to make and might need less precision/testing compared to normal switches.

  4. Thx for informing us never heard of Hall Effect switches Awesome switch i'm impressed.
    My two favourite switches are the mx-clear and my 45g topre.
    i would advice AcePad to make a lighter mx-clear tactile switch TKL model with detachable cable that would be an instant winner for me.
    And if they would add input club programmability (openSource) to it that would make it a must to buy..
    Don't know why manufactures don't do that btw