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Learn how to access web camera in JS using getUserMedia. It will be useful when you develop applications based on web camera. Website: …



  1. Hi, this is intriguing, however I tried and it did show up the current video to snap, but when button snap is clicked, the snapped image is just blank. why's that? and how to fix it?

    I also tried your demo, and it worked just fine, but why is that when I write it down myself on my localhost didn't work?

  2. Really thank you for your wonderful video I've never seen before. I like the simple code, cause I think the best programmer is to make code simple but do wonderful thing! Awesome!!

  3. como hago para que sea yo el que este trasmitiendo en vivo, por que al momento de cargar la pagina permite tener acceso de la misma cámara de su portátil o computador, lo que quiero es q cuando ellos ingresen vean el evento en vivo , que sea yo el que esta trasmitiendo el evento en vivo