Acer GN246HL 144hz 24″ Gaming Monitor On The CHEAP!


This Acer 1080p monitor has a refresh rate of 144 hertz and can be found for under $200 dollars. I give it a great review for the price! It is a really good buy for those looking for a silky…



  1. HP Omen 25 on sale $180

    Way better than this, two HDMI, DP, audio jack, freesync, 1ms.

    But honestly, save up for a 1440P 144hz + G-sync or Freesync. Good options at $400

  2. you can find 32inch 144hz 1ms response time for 300$ or at least i saw one and thinking about getting it. its on amazon and its called sceptre or something… does someone know something about it ? is it good or naaah

  3. How doe's one get 144hz working with three of these (triple monitors w/nvidia surround), DVI splitter maybe? I might have answered my own question and will look into splitters, but if anyone has some insight on this please help….I'd hate to think I bought triples of this brand only to be limited to 60hz

  4. one thing to get straight… $200 (£150) is not cheap for a 1080p monitor… I don't care that it is 144hz because my monitor is 1640p and 144hz, it isn't even £50! (although if you examine its specs it will say 60hz which is just a lie.