Acer Predator X34P Review – Ultrawide Curved WQHD Gaming Monitor with G-Sync and 120Hz


Acer X34P Review (Pro & Contra, Test Photos, and Measurements): Since I have already reviewed the Alienware …



  1. I can get this ACER for 800 the Alienware model you state is 300 more (1100) here in UK, I have watched videos with a 980ti which I have and it looks fantastic!

    What’s your opinions guys and girls, thought 800 for this ACER seems pretty awesome for this spec of monitor!

  2. Planning on buying this monitor next month. Will i have issues if i do have 53 (inch) x 26 (inch) Desk? I don't want to be super close to the monitor but i want my arms resting on my table most of the time.

  3. Your videos and reviews are excellent. Two questions, which monitor have HDCP2.2 and HDMI 2.0?. THE ACER HAVE 10BIT COLOR?7. Do you appreciate the color difference in real word scenario vs the Alienware?