ARK Survival Tek Tier Lets You Fly Like Iron Man and Introduces Infamous Sheep


Developers show off power armor, a T-Rex with friggin laser beams, boss battles, and more from the TEK Tier ARK Patch 254. Subscribe to GameSpot!



  1. Would be cool, instead of Dinos, were Titans and we needed to stay inside of a big wall to protect from them but to survive and help other people inside the wall we needed to hunt outside.
    Yes, it is Attack on Titan but a game like ark with this concept would be mindblowing, at least is my opinion.

  2. I have a qeshton how do you how do you go to different boss areas because me and my friends were just playing we want to two different tours and we went to the same area we kill the Broud mother and the grillu and only got the hands so if you answer thank you?