Breath Of The Wild Glitch Lets You Play Without Blood Moons, Fast Travel, And More – News


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lets you play in a variety of ways, and approach situations at your leisure. One thing you can’t alter, however, is the flow of time, or whether you can get the game’s signature tool, the Sheikah Slate. Not naturally, anyway.

Youtube channel Nintendo3DSChannel has found a way to skip the introductory sequence wherein you acquire the Sheikah Slate, which sets in a motion several of the game’s system, including the day/night cycle.

In order to skip the Slate and set about your new journey, you’ll have to have a file outside the game’s starting area. Next, start a new game, then save in the room you wake up in (before you get the Sheikah Slate, of course). Load up your other save, then find any cliff you can can press A to hang off of. Now, pause the game on the same frame as when press A, then load up your earlier save. The game will teleport you outside the room you were in, skipping the Sheikah Slate. You can watch a how-to video for the trick below.

What does skipping the Sheikah Slate do? It prevents time from moving forward, which means night never comes, which means no Blood Moons, which means enemies don’t respawn. However, because you don’t have the slate on you, you can’t fast travel, or even have access to the game’s minimap. If you ever get tired of playing in this new, strange way, you can always head back into the room you were teleported out of in order to pick up the slate.

According to GamingReinvented, the game doesn’t break completely. Cutscenes or story moments where the slate is required still play out as normal. So if you were looking for a way to get even more variety out of Breath of the Wild, this is definitely one way to do that.

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