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When to manage APIs with cloud-native vs. third-party tools

APIs play a critical role in any cloud app development and integration strategy. Public cloud providers have been quick to offer tools to help...

Microsoft doubles down on Kubernetes with Azure Monitor, AKS

Microsoft has cemented its commitment to Kubernetes as a standard for container orchestration and added a feature for operations teams that oversee production Kubernetes...

Microsoft ups its AI game with Azure Machine Learning service

Microsoft's cloud machine learning service ups the stakes against AWS and Google in a race to provide machine learning to the masses through ease...

Azure database updates court on-premises installed base

Chris Kanaracus, Senior News Writer Several updates and policy changes to Microsoft's Azure database lineup aim to entice more customers to migrate workloads to the...

Oracle HPC cloud aims at mainstream business data

ERP systems have an enormous amount of data that many firms are just beginning to tap. To answer complex questions with this information --...

IT pros look to iPaaS tools for LOB integration demands

Enterprise iPaaS adoption continues to accelerate, as IT pros look to provide departmental users with application integration tools they can use to access data. ...

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An overview of ARM templates for Azure resource deployment

Infrastructure as code transforms cloud resources into programmable objects that admins can describe, configure and deploy via code. This can speed up deployment, improve...

3 tips for managing multi-cloud network architectures

Managing cloud environments is just as involved as managing a large enterprise computing environment. If you add multiple cloud vendors, the task gets even...

5 best ways to minimize cloud scaling costs

There are a lot of ways to rack up cloud computing costs, but scalability issues consistently top that list. Part of the challenge lies...

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