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Top 5 MID-RANGE Pre-built Gaming PC’s to Buy on Amazon!

Top 5 MID-RANGE Pre-built Gaming PCs that you can check out on amazon right now! If you have any questions for specific games at...

Hybrid processors at CES 2019 are the future of computing

While Intel and AMD were outdoing each other at CES 2019 by announcing their respective 10nm and 7nm processors, both companies also introduced hybrid...

The Angmar Shuffle | The Ancient Gaming Noob

Having entered Angmar and gotten the stable master stop in Gath Forthnir, I was ready to continue on with the epic quest line.  Getting...

Are “Gaming” Parts ACTUALLY Faster?? – Final Answer

New members get their 1st month of the 'Sh*t, Shower, Shave' Starter Set for ONLY $5 with FREE shipping at Try ... source

First Look at Brigitte The New Overwatch Support Hero On PTR

Join us as we check out the newest hero to come to Overwatch Brigitte the support hero! Catch GameSpot LIVE every weekday at 11AM...

The Shadows of Angmar | The Ancient Gaming Noob

Angmar has a problem in that the level 40 to 50 content in Lord of the Rings Online, incomplete though it might have been...

Powercast’s over-the-air charging Nintendo Switch Joy-Con grips tease truly wireless power delivery

Truly wireless power delivery has been a dream for basically a century now, and it’s coming to fruition in the strangest of places, like...

Full Review- Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Buy it here: Subscribe for more tech reviews! The new Corsair Gaming K70 RGB (formerly known as Corsair ... source

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