How I Got into Web Development? Why I left behind Web Design? BOOKS MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO: – 1. Javascript Enlightenment by Cody Lindley: …



  1. Motivational story! Do you have international clients or clients from your country ? Because I want to start the same but I am from Germany and the living costs are much higher here. My goal are at least 200k a year (with a few employes of course) and I am not sure if thats possible with web development because of guys in india who work for 2$/hour

  2. Great video! I'm a civil engineer myself. I started to learn coding as a hobby 2 months ago but I like it a lot. I can't tell yet of course if I'll make a carrier change in the future but I would lie if I said I haven't played with the idea. My main concern would be if I could sorta try myself out in the field with minimal risk. And by that I mean without leaving my current job. Could freelancing be an option or just offer my help on ongoing projects? I might get ahead of myself since I'm not at the level of taking jobs yet but it would be interesting to know.

  3. Hi man! I am 16 yo from Ukraine. This is my last year at high school and a decided to skip college, so I can spend all my time to learning things by myself and get freelance/remote job. I am learning React and Redux currently. I have persistence and learn web for like 6-9 hours every day. Can you give me any advice of how to get my first clients? Should I build network for it? Will people hire me, if they know that I am 16-17 yo?

  4. ur story is kinda like me tho 😀 but the thing is im not gonna go to college to even try it… ,fact is in tech field college can be money and time waste in my opinion and other thing is i myself , can learn better teaching myself by reading stuff on internet make myself an exam and get better , than sitting in class with 20 other guyz and other persone give me speach for like 2 h , its realy up to ppl, for some ppl college might work for me no… and for you to enter tech field you MUST have that talent to teach ur self ….
    any way tnx for vid man it was fun to see some you and hear your story.