IS A CHEAP GAMING MOUSE GOOD?! | Redragon Centrophorus Review!


What can you expect from a mouse that costs $15? Be Awesome: Buy it here US: UK: …



  1. Asus Cerberus ($30)
    SteelSeries Rival 100 ($50)
    Genius M6 600 ($45)
    Logitech G102/203 ($44-48)
    Redragon Tiger M709 ($25)
    Redragon Phoenix M702 ($29)
    Redragon Cobra Chroma M711 ($30)

    Which one would you say is the best for the price? I have somewhat big hands (20x11cm) so the bigger the mouse the better, but also the better quality which is a bit more important. And I also would want to spend the least I can, but of course not at the cost of quality.

  2. This is the first video of yours I'm watching so maybe you have done it in other videos; but can you include your opinions on how well it tracks and if the sensor is good? I don't want to commit to it if my current extra cheapo mouse can do a similar job (coming from a guy with lil income).

  3. So I got this mouse to use with my XIM4. As I was setting up my key bindings I tried to set forward scrolling on the mouse to the R1 button on my controller. The XIM4 program wasn't picking up the scrolling I was doing. Every button registers except for forward/backward scrolling. I can even press down on the scrolling button and it will work. Any suggestions? (I tried another mouse of mine on the xim4 program and it detects forward/backward scrolling)

  4. It's weird that you brought up " are you the kind of person that spent all your money decking out your PC you don't have any more for a mouse" I can tell you right now, in the summer when every high school kid is working towards getting that high end PC it cannot be any more true.

  5. I have a gaming mouse which has many different buttons there are 2 buttons where I can change the amount of clicks. The second button allows me when I click once on the computer it clicks twice. It is very effective when I have to click very fast. Does somebody knows another one like this? Pls write it below