MLB The Show 18 – First Look at Gameplay and New Features


Ramone Russell swung by GameSpot to share the first details on MLB The Show 18’s gameplay updates and new features. Subscribe to GameSpot! Visit…



  1. How do I throw the ball from as to 1st base? I catch the ground ball, press the circle and get a meter. I have no clue what to do. I tried r2 and r1 and either throw Inti the dugout or in the dirt.

  2. Can someone please please!!! Explain to me how to get the appropriate team colors on the catchers masks??!! All of the catchers who aren't wearing the goalie mask helmets and are using the traditional style masks,seem to be all a generic black mask,yet the ones in this video and game trailers have the appropriate team colors. Is this something that is available only online,or with patching??

  3. One disappointment so far. I simulate the 1st season. So I sim to the world series, and its Dodgers Astros again. Thats not the disappointment. Game 5, dodger up 3-1 in Houston. I watch the 9th ining. Dodgers win, and the crowd in Housont seems to celebrate :(. The trophy is awarded on the field and the orange flags are waving. I

  4. I feel confident they made improvements, however for the love of GOD I hope the servers are online and ready for release this year. Also hope base runner animations in a run-down isn't sluggish. I swear when you switch directions no matter speed it seemed so sluggish and slow and always ended up being tagged out no matter if you were Billy Hamilton or Trea "Burner" Turner.

  5. I've been playing MLB The Show for awhile and I love it. Keep up the good work. I also want say that I've noticed that a bunch of the programmers that helped make the game have put themselves in the game which is cool. For example, Ramone Russell is a Catcher in the Braves organization.

  6. For the love of god, let us be able to change the color of the catchers mask/helmets!!!! You can already do this with every other piece of equipment! Why do they leave this out every year!!! Is it because they don't have enough time? That always seems to be their excuse with everything. I'd like to see if there were another baseball sim out there. TIME to add in good features would suddenly appear!!!

  7. Can you use "Hidden Ball" tricks?
    Because I'm more of a "strategic" player than a "skillful" player, if you know what I mean.

    I would pay top dollar for some freedom in the mastermind department.