Nintendo Switch Review


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  1. So much disappointment in 2017 so far. Ninty's Switch, Rogue One Blu-Ray with NO Collector's Edition (Disney ripping off fans), France not leaving the EU (when they could have helped splinter it), Alien: Covenant not giving any answers regarding Shaw and the Engineers but instead focusing on boring "original sin" and Mary Shelley.

    I do hope The Last Jedi is really good otherwise that will top this crappy year off for me.

  2. I've been doing extra chores and I'm working very hard to get a Nintendo switch but I can't get one. There was this one time were I was SOOOO close to getting a Nintendo switch. I walked into Walmart and on the other side of the store I see one more Nintendo switch on the shelf and then… Some one grabs it. WHAT!? Now I only trust online shopping because I feel like if I get a Nintendo switch in a store I'm going to get beaten up.

  3. this is an advertisement, not a review. Come on it even tells you that you can carry the console in your pocket if you have large enough pants pockets…come on please..

  4. The switch UI and Nintendo eshop look like a complete rip-off of the PS4 home screen and psn shop respectively. Even the font used looks identical….