The Best PC Gaming Gifts Under $30!


Christmas is almost here and we’ve found a bunch of cool tech gifts for PC gamers. We’ve created a holiday gift guide to help you with Christmas gift ideas all …



  1. Have a look at the Titanwolf Specialist mouse. It was 20 quid off Amazon when I bought on recently. My older razer mouse was just not playing nicely with windows 10 so I decided to try one out. Frankly, this thing is the bargain of the year. Great software, helpful tech support. I contacted them before I purchased one to find out a few things and make sure it would be right for me. Response time was minutes later and really , really helpful. Razer support is sort of shit, slow and they don't give a shit really. So, I recommend trying one of these Titanwolf Specialist mice. It's fantastic and crazy cheap, easy to use software for programmable buttons, it works consistently, on the fly sensitivity and very comfortable. German designed I believe, that seems to be where their HQ is at any rate. Awesome mouse.