Top 5 MID-RANGE Pre-built Gaming PC’s to Buy on Amazon!


Top 5 MID-RANGE Pre-built Gaming PCs that you can check out on amazon right now! If you have any questions for specific games at all or anything please …



  1. "We all know buying pre built is more expensive than buying parts individually." Or some nonsense at 0:35.

    LOL, have you seen the GPU and RAM market? At least with a price breakdown on most pre builts they offer GPUs at near msrp.

  2. Guys i dont know much about pc
    My budget is about under 800€
    I found this shinobee german pc on amazon

    Gtx 1060 6gb
    Amd fx 8370E
    16gb ram

    Can this run PUBG hitman and csg
    Overwatch with no problems??

  3. Am I the only one who feels like this guy doesn't know much about what he's doing? I mean, if you do and you read this, maybe you just need to format your videos in a different way. And, quite honestly, you should also be telling these people that they will get much better value if they build it themselves. You're not going to find a prebuilt that can run PUBG perfectly for $600.